Our Company is relatively new in the industry but the key to our success in a very short period is that the foundation of the company stands on the exceedingly extensive experience of the founders, the core management team  and our highly trained and professional security staff.

Control Room Services

Our 24 hour Control Room is fully equipped with latest technology and software which enhances the work flow within the control room. All our control room staff are fully trained and have the knowledge to respond effectively to all our clients. The Control Room Manager is authorized to make operational decisions speeding up the process and service to our client base.


Our security officer scheduling software ensures that your requirement  is optimised to produce a rota with the best-fit of staff to your work requirement. We can now ensure that all our staff schedules have the right people in the right place at the right time.


Timelink is a scalable solution. We are able to manage around 10,000 employees with 2 to 3 controllers using our automated call answering technology. Each employee is allocated a unique PIN number that is entered when they call into the Timelink system. The Site ID Number (SIN) is then entered to identify what site they are working which is then validated against the relevant schedule. If successful, the schedule is updated with actual information leaving the command and control centre to deal with the expectations. The employee can also send coded messages such as supervisor or emergency assistance required. Duress calls are automatically routed to all users within the Timegate system and must be actioned before users can continue using Timegate.

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